Our team of security engineering experts is ready, whether you need training, expert guidance, assessments, or research and development services.

Engineering Innovation

Keep up with today's rapidly shifting technological landscape. Crimson Vista's engineers have deep subject-matter expertise in cutting-edge areas including Blockchain, IoT, cryptography, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. Partner with us to engineer and accelerate your company's competitive edge or to move your company one step ahead of cyber-criminals.


Cybersecurity Maturity Development

With our engineering foundations and deep cybersecurity knowledge, we deliver value beyond simple checklists. We have expertise in risk frameworks, data protection, secure development lifecycle, and much more; we are prepared to partner with you to address your assessment needs and go one step further to formulate a plan of action for tangible cybersecurity.



Does your team need training on cryptography? What about data protection and privacy? Or how about cybersecurity awareness? We have custom curriculum that has been delivered at major conferences, built for professionals in a variety of industries. Contact us to learn more.


Litigation Support

Our specialty is engineering informed analysis and solution building. Benefit from our unparalleled technical analysis, intensive investigation, and expert testimony rooted in a foundation of security engineering. Gain insight into complicated source code, cryptography, and other advanced technologies in patent cases, copyright matters, and other hi-tech litigation.


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