Our Philosophy

Security Engineering is at the heart of everything that we do.

Security engineering is often understood differently by different firms and people. We refer to a well-respected, practical textbook written by Ross Anderson. In his book, Anderson describes security engineering the following way:

"Security engineering requires cross-disciplinary expertise, ranging from cryptography and computer security through hardware tamper-resistance and formal methods to a knowledge of economics, applied psychology, organizations and the law."

We believe that approaching problems with well-rounded expertise uniquely positions us to contribute to research efforts, engage with the community, and of course, engineer great solutions for our clients. Anderson goes on to say,

"Security engineering is about building systems to remain dependable in the face of malice, error, or mischance. As a discipline, it focuses on the tools, processes, and methods needed to design, implement, and test complete systems, and to adapt existing systems as their environment evolves."

No matter what the task at hand is, our philosophy revolves are confident security engineering principles. We are constantly educating ourselves, asking questions, and challenging norms. We are looking at problems through every lens we can, and taking context into consideration at every step. As the tech industry innovates, we understand how important adaptability is, and re-evaluate in an agile manner.

We love to innovate.
We love to solve problems.
We love to investigate.
We believe that our firm foundations allow us to do these things which we love with the greatest quality outputs.

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