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CoronaVirus: Cyber Hygiene when You're Working From Home

February 28, 2020 - We hope this post finds everyone safe and healthy. As is the case for many of you, our plans for the next few months have shifted. Although we are bummed to not be teaching workshops at upcoming conferences as planned, we are ready to focus extra...

A Key Takeaway from Real World Crypto: Retire SHA1

January 22, 2020 - Earlier this month, the Real World Crypto(graphy) conference took place at Colombia University in New York City. The RWC conference is a collection of presentations where cryptography meets industry, so much of the content is tangible and attracts engineers as much as it does researchers. This...

Password Meters and Quick Tips

December 9 2019 - Last month, we received an email at our address offering to help us with our password strength. We get lots of emails, some spam, some not, but most require a little investigation before we decide to engage or not. Any guesses as to whether this...

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