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Password Meters and Quick Tips

December 9 2019 - Last month, we received an email at our address offering to help us with our password strength. We get lots of emails, some spam, some not, but most require a little investigation before we decide to engage or not. Any guesses as to whether this...

Securing the Future: Does it start with passwords?

I worry about the future of Computer Security. One of the reasons I worry so much is that the deck always seems to be stacked. The bad guys have a much easier job: they have to find one bug and we have to find themĀ all. They have to figure out...

Password Security for Average Users

Did you know that the average user hasĀ 19 passwords? The number is probably higher. The cited source is two years old, and the number of online services continues to grow. Moreover, most users have at least one or two devices with default passwords including their routers, entertainment devices, and so...

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