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We believe that engineering innovative solutions means continually learning more about a variety of subjects. Not only do we love to learn from others, but we love to share what we know! Here are a few topics that we frequently present.

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From introductory cryptography concepts to practical cryptography use, our trainings are personalized to your goals. Cryptography can be intimidating and can seem complicated, but we break it down in a way that makes it approachable and actionable.

Data Security

Data security crosses paths with many other disciplines, and is critical to protecting both your business' crown-jewels and your clients' personal information. There are many aspects to data security, and our training will prepare you to architect data-protective solutions.

Source Code Review

We have proven that high quality source code review starts with strong engineering foundations, giving us the ability to engineer mental models and provide effective analysis. We present important outcomes of source code reviews and the implications they have in litigation.

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