Accelerate your technical projects and gain advanced analysis into future risks, trends, and opportunities. Crimson Vista will provide your organization with targeted expertise in computer-science problems.  We draw on wide experience in academic research, practical engineering, and extensive technical analysis in order to tackle your most complex challenges. Or, get independent, third-party analysis for auditing and insight.

Security Evaluation

If your company is developing a product connected to the Internet you need to design with security in mind. Whether you're still in design or worried about products already on the market, Crimson Vista provides hard-hitting cybersecurity assessments. Some of our specialties include:
  • Security-focused source code review
  • Cryptography assessment
  • Supply chain analysis and hardening
  • Security process and management
  • Specialized analysis for IoT devices
  • Compliance issues including GDPR
At every step, we place a high priority on your education, enabling your organization to have greater understanding and control over its own security management.

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain is both revolutionary and terribly abused. Crimson Vista knows the difference between fact and fad. Whether you need a private blockchain for distributed operations across a supply chain or a smart contract to take advantage of a public chain, we're able to guide you through the minefields. And we'll also tell you if you don't need Blockchain at all. That happens more often than you might think.

Due Diligence Analysis

For companies acquiring technology-based assets or engaged in other due-diligence matters, we offer independent analysis of the features, security profiles, and maturity thereof. Our analysis includes both theoretical and practical results.

The theory-based analysis reviews the system in terms of algorithms, conceptual limits, and security considerations. This data is critical to understanding how the technology can grow and develop in the future, its place in the market, and the risks involved in deployment.

On the practical side, we dig into source code, bug-tracking database, documents, schematics, diagrams, and live testing to thoroughly vet the technology. The organization and clarity of any source code, and the employed testing mechanisms reveal much about the system's maturity. A complete review and testing of the features enables acquiring companies to understand where the new technology fits within their own offerings, approximate the difficulty and time required to do so, and boost in knowing how to get started.