Nobody knows better than IP litigation teams and in-house corporate counsel how critical it is to have top-notch technical consultants. Whether you are searching for that perfect prior art match, evaluating your IP portfolio before cross-licensing negotiations, or looking to put an experienced expert on the witness stand, Crimson Vista is ready. Our technical litigation support includes analysis and research as well as experience communicating with a side range of audiences. Contact us to find out more, or review a few of our specialties.

Expert Witness

For IP teams in need of a testifying expert, Crimson Vista is the consulting home of Dr. Seth James Nielson. Dr. Nielson has consulted on a wide range of cases including networking, firewalls, cryptographic protocols, authentication, antivirus, and many others. He has testified at trial and been deposed numerous times. Dr. Nielson is also proficient at source code reviews and analyzing technology, including legacy tech.

Prior Art Search

Looking for a deep prior art search beyond the basic terms analysis? Our people have been in the trenches both technically and legally, and it shows in the quality of results we find. We offer three tiers of fixed-price prior art searching.
  • Bronze - Basic terms searching primarily in patents
  • Silver - Broader searching, including academic/industrial references
  • Gold - Expert-level searching, plus independent claim charting

Portfolio Analysis

No matter how large the portfolio, if it's within our areas of expertise, we can evaluate intellectual property and provide insightful analysis. Our experience as leaders in high-tech, combined without our experience supporting legal teams, enable us to rank references based on the clarity of the specification, the novelty of the invention, and the impact of the claims. Whether our clients are evaluating IP for purchase, negotiating portfolio cross-licensing, or investigating potential infringement, our research can enable better outcomes and more intelligent strategy.