Engineering Innovation

The perfect complement to your exciting ideas.


Partner with an enthusiastic, experienced team who will aid in the formation of a plan to tackle the goals you have in mind. Our background in research, software development, user experience, and innovation acceleration is the perfect complement to your exciting ideas.

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Security Solution Innovation

Do you have an end-goal in mind but could use extra cybersecurity solution innovators on your team? Taking a dream from conception to implementation can be tricky and you need partners with expert knowledge of engineering principles to architect a secure and scalable solution from the start.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies have a special place in commercial innovation, and must be implemented intentionally in order to ensure long term usability. For example, blockchain is both revolutionary and terribly abused. Crimson Vista knows the difference between fact and fad. Our passion is keeping up with evolving technologies and focusing on their effective use, as well as their security postures.

Research & Development Partnerships

Most of Crimson Vista's research initiatives involve collaboration with external companies and universities. We believe that strong solution engineering and innovation comes not only from informed foundations, but also from diversity of perspectives. Attacking a problem from multiple angles with multiple contributors always results in a better solution.

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