Zaid Khaishagi

Cybersecurity Engineer


Zaid Khaishagi is a Cybersecurity Engineer at Crimson Vista, Inc. He completed his Master’s in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech and his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from AKTU, India. He has done several research projects including developing a security tool to mitigate supply chain attacks on the npm ecosystem by looking at the metadata of packages as they are downloaded and installed on a developer’s system. He has also worked on a privacy project where he investigated the different browser fingerprinting techniques used online to track users across websites. Further, he has also analysed cryptographic protocols where he designed alternate constructions for them.

He is skilled in cybersecurity and enjoys participating in CTF competitions. His knowledge and skills include reverse engineering of binaries and software, web application and binary exploitation techniques, design of secure computer systems, cryptography, and more. He is able to adapt to learn new things and his passion for cybersecurity leads him to keep increasing his knowledge in the field.

Zaid has also had experience with blockchain technology and writing smart contracts on Ethereum. He participated in the NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2022 which was designed around investigating a ransomware attack and recovering encrypted files and qualified as a Solver by completing all challenges.

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Areas of Expertise:

Cybersecurity, Offensive Security, Software Development

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