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Senior Research Scientist

Ryan West is a Senior Research Scientist at Crimson Vista, Inc. who received his MS and BS degrees from BYU (MS expected April 2021). West will begin his Ph.D. program in 2021 at the University of Utah while jointly working at Crimson Vista. He has co-authored several cybersecurity publications such as educational cyberattack simulations for municipalities and blockchain connection protocol RFCs. He has also held numerous leadership software engineering positions in the past.

He is skilled in detail-oriented best-practice analysis and implementation of software projects and understands the nuances of prioritizing and bridging business value, resources, and technical goals. He is adept at quickly learning, understanding, and improving upon technologies, and contributes to the open source community regularly.

West has experience working in a variety of backend software areas including security, data, distributed systems, architecture, and DevOps. He also works with several professors and groups to produce new research in these areas.

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