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Research Scientist

Ellie is a Research Scientist at Crimson Vista, Inc., and received her B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado. She has co-authored publications related to the utilization of post-quantum cryptographic methods as well as the importance of privacy-preserving technologies in machine learning, especially in the public sector. Additionally, she is a co-inventor on four patents (pending) in the fields of quantum computation, quantum cryptography, and network cryptographic mechanisms.

She is skilled in detail-oriented best-practice analysis and implementation of software projects and understands the nuances of prioritizing and bridging business value, resources, and technical goals. She is adept at quickly learning, understanding, and improving upon technologies, and contributes to the open source community regularly.

Ellie's technical background and interests have kept her involved in applied cryptography, cybersecurity, technical graphic design, best-practice advocacy, quantum computing, privacy, and ethics of emerging technologies.

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