January 27, 2020 - Tomorrow is Data Privacy Day! There are lots of events and learning opportunities going on, and one platform hosting many free learning opportunities is BrightTalk.com. BrightTalk hosts webinars on various topics and is a great place to go to keep up with technology trends. For Data Privacy Day tomorrow, BrightTalk has a full day of sessions lined up including multiple tracks focused on different interest areas.

One of the tracks tomorrow is the Women in Cybersecurity track, and Ellie was asked to be a part of a panel on privacy and security in healthcare. She joins Debra Baker (Technical Program Manager at RedSeal), Michelle Dennedy (CEO at DrumWave), and Anna Smith (Data Scientist). You can click here to register for her panel, “How Private is my Healthcare Data? Surprise!” and once you’re signed up for BrightTalk, you can browse the other sessions as well.

See you there!