It is with no small sense of pleasure that I introduce Crimson Vista Inc., a consulting firm with specialties in computer security, computer networking, and programming languages. Although Crimson has been operational for over a month, we’ve been too busy with clients and projects to get the website up and running. But that’s about the best way for a consulting company to get started, so we aren’t complaining.

What is Crimson Vista about? A number of people have asked me about the name of the company. For those of you that know me, I love United States history and I’m reminded of a quote attributed to Ben Franklin from the Constitutional Convention. In reference to a carved image of the sun on the chair that George Washington sat in, he reportedly said,

I have often looked at that behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I... know that it is a rising...sun

Similarly, I believe that the world of technology may be reaching a crossroads. The Internet-connected world already emerged from hobby-hood some years ago. But now, it seems that it is expanding beyond being a powerful tool into being society enabling. The concept of the Internet of Things envisions a world where interconnected automation enhances and magnifies every aspect of our lives.

At the same time, computer security issues are also maturing. Viruses that simply wipe out a computer, or even a bot-net for a DDOS attack pale in comparison to the sheer terror of electronic malice that can take lives and start wars. Stuxnet, ransomware on Hospital networks, and other such maladies are becoming society disabling.

One could say that our technological world is the Crimson Vista of the morning sun, beautiful on its own, but the sign of a more glorious time to come. Or, it could be the Crimson Vista of the evening, blazing beautifully across the sky, but the last rays of light before the darkness comes.

I want to believe, like Benjamin Franklin, that we are a rising, and not a setting sun. Our goal, here at Crimson Vista, is to contribute our small part to making that happen.

– Seth James Nielson, Founder and Chief Scientist